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It’s more than just drawing in the air..........

Top 10 benefits of using 3D Pens OR 3d Printing Pens

The Top 10 Benefits You Get When Using a 3D Printing Pen

It’s more than just drawing in the air.

Ever wondered if buying a 3D printing pen was worth all the hype? Never fear; here are 10 benefits that’ll come with that future purchase:

1. You can glue broken pieces together

3D pens make use of meltedplastic to create the drawings, which can also serve as an adhesive. That said, it's like getting the best 3D pen for double the purpose and half the price!

2. You can replace worn glue

There’s nothing more unappealing than cracked glue, and nothing as haphazard. Fortunately, you can use your 3D pen to replace the worn glue – all you need to do is scrape off the remnants and use the pen accordingly.

3. You can create miniature models

With the 3D pen, you can also experience the ease of creating models for things like architecture and land development projects to make it easier to plan.

4. You can mitigate risk of error

All That 3D puts it well  -  you can use your 3D pens to test the prototype a project before investing in a molding tool for a project which can be more expensive than even the best 3D pen. Aside from saving up on cost, you also mitigate the risk of error by seeing whether the design is feasible beforehand.

5. You can mitigate material waste

As mentioned earlier, instead of throwing out projects that don’t make the cut because of a flaw, with 3D pens you can make countless prototypes with less material, before moving onto the material-intensive projects. It makes less material waste, and less money to spend.

6. You can produce quickly

Production with the pen is almost instantaneous; as soon as the plastic melts, you're good to go. It's definitely great for those minds who want to work on something before the idea leaves their minds.

7. You can use it for other creative projects

While the best 3D pen has the potential for a variety of design-heavy occupations, they’re usable enough for other creative projects, like home décor and other DIY projects.

8. They make projects efficient

Traditionally when making projects, there’s usually the sketch before the model. With the best 3D pen, however, you can blend both steps together and get straight to the creation, making the process quicker.

9. They’re cost-effective

While the pens are relatively cheap, their usability goes beyond its cost, as they utilize a broad number of uses. Paying less for more at its finest.

10.  They’re very accessible

With the simplicity of the unit and the innovations to the tech, these pens have become more widely available to the public, regardless of age range. So what are you waiting for? Find the best 3D pen for you now! here are the sources

How to draw in 3D using a 3D pen

FAQs: Best 3D Pen

Are 3D pens safe?

Yes. Initially there have been concerns about the heated plastic, but newer iterations of the pen have made this

How well does the plastic stick?

Definitely not industrial-strength grade. It is, however, strong enough for a cracked remote control or light, small parts.

What’s the cheapest I could buy a pen for?

You can find some pens for a little less than $40.00.

How can I keep the lines upright?

You’ll need to anchor your line with a dot of plastic on the surface before moving to one line.

Top 10 Things To Consider Before Buying the Best 3d Printing Pen 2018

Want to Buy a 3D Printing Pen? Consider these 10 Things

You deserve a good purchase.

The 3D printing pen has gotten more recognition nowadays, and it’s not hard to see why. Or why anyone would like to purchase it – it’s fun, it’s efficient, and it’s great for particularly creative minds. However, you might wonder if there’s anything you need to consider before buying one that’s perfect for you. Fortunately, we have a list of the top 10 things you need to consider before making a purchase.

1. Grip

A lot of 3D pen models can seem a little large for some hands, making it a bit unwieldy to the touch. Finding a pen with a good grip, then, is quite important, so you don't get achy fingers with continued use.

2. Consistency of heating

Some 3D pens cool off at the tip quite easily, usually resulting in sudden stops while drawing and other problems. Find the best 3D pen that’s a little more consistent in this regard so you don’t have to worry about waiting for a long period of time when you’re in the middle of a drawing.

3. Type of plastic

3D pens operate on plastic, usually PLA and ABS. While some operate on both, others only operate on one kind of plastic, which can be limiting if you don’t choose the right one for the job. Since both PLA and ABS have their own upsides and shortcomings, you can either buy one that’s suitable for your projects, or a pen that accommodates both.

4. Safety

While there have been more safer units produced nowadays, it's still important to look out for safety features just in case. Does it have a stand? Instant cool down when idle? Don't let even the best 3D pen miss this scrutiny.

5. Pen speed

You might have projects that require your pen to continuously spew out plastic at a quick pace, and some that just requires you to chill. That said, it’s good to know what the pen speeds are for your 3D pen, as some only have one. If you’re unsure, the best 3D pen for you might be one with 2 or more speeds.

6. Adjustable settings

Even if you have all the aforementioned settings, it might prove problematic if you can't adjust them, even for the best 3D pen. Make sure you can adjust the settings if the default isn't necessarily what you were going for.

7. Available accessories

While some may dismiss accessories as mere space-holders, some can actually be very helpful, especially when you’re starting out with 3D pens. Items like rechargeable batteries and interchangeable tips, for instance, can be quite useful in the long run.

8. Availability

Unfortunately, while you might find be able to find the best 3D pen for you, it might not be available in your country. A little research into this matter can save you dollars in shipping costs and a little ease if you’re looking for customer service.

9. Cost

Some pens can cost an astronomical amount, but not have all the features you need. Make sure to cross-check the item cost from its features, and you’re sure to get more of a bang for your buck then.

10. Ease of use

Finally, with all this said, what’s most important is that you find a pen that gives you ease of use, regardless of what that means for you. The best 3D pen for you should be something you enjoy using.

FAQs: Things You Should Consider Before Buying a 3D Printing Pen

Aside from creative projects, are there other practical uses to these pens?

Yes! All That 3D, for instance, notes how one illustrator used it to create a plastic exoskeleton for her injured hand. The applications are quite broad.

Are there other plastics besides PLA and ABS?

Yes! Instructables notes other types like HIPS, WOOD, LAYbrick, Bendlay, and Flexi, but not all of them are suitable for certain designs.

Do pens available in certain countries ship internationally?

Unfortunately, no. Some do, like the 3D Printer Pen from the Netherlands, but otherwise you’ll have to check with the supplier or the product website.

Are all pens that bulky?

Fortunately, no – there are more pens nowadays which boast of a slim fit, like the 3Doodler Create. Feel free to explore the range of options!